The Gateway Pundit

June29, 2021

Soon to be forced upon you Federal Reserve Digital Wallets with 0% privacy.  The World Economic Forum Says “You’ll Own Nothing, And You’ll Be Happy.”

Dear American Patriot,

It’s called the Great Reset.

Nancy Pelosi tried to sneak these Digital Federal Reserve accounts or digital wallets into the $2 Trillion (national debt) Pandemic Stimulus Bill but, she pulled it out of the legislation at the last minute.

The draft bill outlined a concept called “FedAccounts.

With a “FedAccount,” the new democrat Gestapo will give you what he deems you are worthy of for compensation based on a whim. If you’re overweight, there will be prohibitions placed on your FedAccount. No money in your Digital FedAccount Wallet will be allowed to be spent on unhealthy foods like cakes, cookies, or twinkies. If you own guns, you may be declined because ammunition is non-essential.

Entire business categories that Democrats disagree with will be wiped out once these FedAccounts are implemented.

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Every transaction tracked and monitored by the federal government.

Pelosi pulled the new Digital Dollar Legislation from the stimulus package, but not long after, on March 24th, Senator Sherrod Brown proposed a new pro-digital dollar draft. S.3571 – Banking for All Act.

Democrats are coming for any wealth that you have. Once this legislation is enacted and put into place, If you’re not an elitist like them, then you and your children and your children’s children forever in perpetuity will live on the pittance, they hand out..

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