On January 20, 1983, six-year-old Tania Murrell vanished on her way home from an elementary school in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Hundreds of searchers — police, volunteers and friends and relatives of Tania — looked high and wide, but there was no trace of her. No clothing, school books, phone calls … nothing. Zip. And no witnesses. It’s as though Tania had somehow vanished into thin air. One moment, she’s standing on a sidewalk; next moment, she’s gone. What … happened?? The child’s disappearance smells of foul play. Police believe the grade-one student was abducted and murdered. But by whom? And why on earth would anyone do something like that? A heavy-drinking acquaintance of the family would morph from a person of interest to prime suspect. The man never faced criminal charges because detectives felt they didn’t have enough evidence for a conviction. This book walks the reader through every major development in this tragic file from the abduction on Day One … to, years later, a police interrogation of the prime suspect … to what eventually happened to him.

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