In This Report:

  • Florida Woman Repeatedly Stabs Herself in Stomach Because She’s “Tired of Living in Trump’s Country”
  • JUST IN: Hunter Biden’s Baby Mama Lunden Roberts Will Get to Grill Biden UNDER OATH About Money He Made From Burisma
  • Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace Trashes Trump, Says President “Engaged in Most Direct Assault on Freedom of the Press in Our History”
  • Rep. Louie Gohmert Says Name of Alleged Ukraine Whistleblower at House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Meeting
  • Eric Holder Sends Warning to John Durham, Says William Barr ‘Unfit’ to be Attorney General, in WaPo Op-Ed
  • BOOM! MATT GAETZ GOES THERE… Tells Hunter Biden Crack Cocaine Stories During Sham Impeachment Hearing
  • MATT GAETZ FOR THE WIN! GOP Rep. Tag-Teams with Jordan to DESTROY Democrat Party’s Sham Impeachment Proceedings
  • Jim Jordan STOMPS on Democrats During Sham Impeachment Hearing — Diverts to Crooked Democrat Deep State Crimes!
  • BREAKING REPORT: McConnell Plans to Acquit Trump at Trial – Clear Him of All Charges
  • And much, much more!