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  • Dildos and ‘Dallas’: How Crack-Smoking Hunter Biden Chose to Relax After a Long Day on the Burisma Board
  • EPIC! Hong Kong Democracy Protesters Honor President Trump by Carrying Photos of the US President – Shirtless – In Latest Protest!
  • STUNNING! Globalist Angela Merkel to German Parliament: We Have to Take Away your Freedom of Speech or We Won’t Be Free
  • Rand Paul: ‘Don’t Forget First Thanksgiving Only Happened When Pilgrims Rejected Socialism’
  • Big Bang Theory Star: I Don’t Like Thanksgiving Because European Invaders Caused “One of the Grossest Examples of Genocide”
  • BREAKING: President Trump Makes Surprise Thanksgiving Visit to US Troops in Afghanistan
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  • Democrats Announce New Impeachment Moves On Trump
  • Obama-Holdover Heading Russia-Probe Office Under Investigation For “Illegally Leaked” Classified Document
  • California DMV Rakes In $50 Million Per Year Selling Personal Information
  • AWFUL. Fake News Newsweek Slams President Trump for Golfing, Tweeting, More… At Same Time He Lands in Afghanistan to Visit Troops

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