October 22, 2019

As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau celebrated the Liberal Party’s narrow election victory on Monday evening in Montreal, miles away in Western Canada, Conservatives were discussing “Wexit.”

“Wexit,” a clear play on Britain’s “Brexit,” is exactly what is sounds like: a “western exit” from the rest of Canada.

Separatist calls for Wexit initially began among oil and gas workers in Alberta, who have expressed deep frustrations with the Liberal government for ignoring their concerns, including growing anxieties around pipeline projects that have been left in limbo.

By Monday night, it became clear just how much those frustrations have grown over the past four years, however, with Albertans turning the province almost entirely blue.

Meanwhile, support for the Wexit movement appeared to surge on social media, with “Wexit” trending on Canadian Twitter, while a facebook group appeared to skyrocket in membership, according to a report from Canadian broadcaster CTV.

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