October 11, 2019

During September 2019, there were forty six farm attacks and seven farm murders, whilst one farm attack was averted. And whilst the authorities who prefer to deny the existence of these heinous crimes, during August 2019, there were 45 farm attacks, 4 farm murders, whilst 6 farm attacks were successfully averted.

During July 2019, there were 39 farm attacks, 4 farm murders and 4 farm attacks were averted. During the month of June 2019, there were 34 farm attacks and 6 farm murders, whilst 3 farm attacks were averted. And for the period 1 January to the end of May 2019, there were already 184 Farm attacks and 20 farm murders. A staggering statistic and the government says its not happening!

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The statistics were supplied by The Rome Research Institute Of South Africa

South Africa Today – South Africa News

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