Conference founder Robbie Davidson, who is from Edmonton, believes no one can fall off the edge of the earth because it’s encircled in ice


March 1, 2018

An influential flat-earther will defy two thousand years of science by bringing a conference to his hometown of Edmonton in August.

Tickets went on sale Thursday for the Flat Earth International Conference, founded by Robbie Davidson, slated for Aug. 9 and 10 at West Edmonton Mall.

“I’m like many people that have come to this topic where at first it was ridiculous. I laughed at it, I thought it was probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard,” Davidson told Metro.

“When I took the time to start looking into it, I didn’t laugh much longer.”

To be clear, thanks to techniques like looking at the shapes of shadows in different locations at the same time, scientists have been pretty certain for thousands of years that the earth is round.

Flat Earth International Conference Founder Robbie Davidson.

Davidson, who is also a creationist, launched the world’s first flat-earth conference in Raleigh, North Carolina last year and it sold out months in advance. He expects similar interest in Edmonton.

He believes there is no hard scientific proof that the earth is a sphere circling around the sun, saying, “Why don’t we have a 24/7 live stream of the spinning earth from space? Surely they could put it on the moon, they could put all these advertisers, they could market it.”

Davidson claims he is not anti-science, but believes scientists looking for “real truth” are shut out and muzzled.

Of the eight speakers scheduled to appear at the Edmonton conference, several are outspoken on numerous conspiracy theories, and none are scientists.

Davidson’s belief is that the arctic encircles the entire flat earth – so no one could fall off the edge of the earth, because they would freeze before they made it that far.

“Think of a dinner plate, and in the centre of it you’ve got the north pole and on the other end of that plate you’ve got Antarctica. So there is no possible way that you could fall off this thing,” he said.

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